Yazmin & David

David and Yazmin met at the J Davey/ Def Sound tour at the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA on March 13, 2011. They wound up connecting with mutual friends and hung out as one big group. That night was the start of a five-month long friendship that rapidly evolved into a long lasting romance on July 21st-- David says the 23rd.... Yazmin is sure that she's right, but their wedding date compromise is July 22, 2017

For David's birthday, he surprised her with a weekend getaway down the coast to La Jolla and Coronado Island. Yazmin spent much of her childhood in La Jolla and has always loved the beach so he knew the significance of that location. Since it was his birthday she had no idea what he had planned--  the incredible meal at The Marine Room while watching the sun set, the waves lapping against the floor to ceiling window next to our table, the champagne (oh the champagne)... After dinner they went for a walk on the beach and he surprised her with his grandmother's ring saying: "Light of my days, warmth of my nights, love of my life...will you marry me?" Obviously she said yes. 

They're getting married in Sete, located in the south of France. David's family is from Paris and they've spent many summers out there with them relaxing, swimming, boating through the canals and getting to know his family with whom Yazmin has grown very close to these past six years. It's a very special location for them and they are excited to share it with the rest of their friends and family.